Author Guideline

Papers that will be presented and published must be the results of original research, will not be published elsewhere, or have been published elsewhere. Papers must be written in English and produced from the latest research. The number of papers permitted is at least 3 pages and a maximum of 15 pages. The ABFSH 2021 committee only accepts complete papers not only in abstract form.

If the paper does not follow the specified format, then the paper will be rejected immediately. All papers will pass the similarity check before the decision is accepted or rejected for presentation. The maximum permitted papers are 20%. If the paper is declared accepted by the ABFSH 2021 committee, then one of the authors must register and attend the conference to present their paper both orally and poster. If the paper is submitted in the form of a poster, the writer is required to bring the poster and booth. The poster displayed is 160 cm x 60 cm, or 180 cm x 80 cm. The conference committee does not provide templates for posters, so you are free to choose and determine the format of your poster. Please write your paper number/paper shipment number in the upper right-hand corner of your poster. 

The committee also gave the opportunity for the authors to only send abstracts if they only wanted to present papers without further publication.

Prior to publication, all papers presented will then receive content reviews prior to the acceptance/rejection decision for publication.